Terminus Brand

Visual identity and messaging refresh

I lead a creative team at a company that has grown from three co-founders to over 150 employees. We’ve acquired a company, expanded to multiple offices, and launched the world’s first end-to-end account-based marketing platform. But one thing that hadn’t changed over the past five years since its inception— until recently — was the Terminus brand itself.

Client: Terminus
Date: Jan 2019
Services: Creative Direction, Design, Project Management, Implementation

The Challenge

The original theming and messaging gravitated around making the customers heroes, and the brand naturally moved in that direction, too.

The spirit of our team was a combination of grit, youthful ambition, and risk-taking, so the creation of a superhero-themed brand was an obvious match to our personality. We took it and ran with it for a while. However, the company expanded, the industry became more competitive, our product and service offerings matured and customers had greater needs. It became evident that the current brand was not mature enough for the level of business that we were aspiring to reach.

The Process

Upon the decision to execute a brand refresh, we focused on some key elements: defining messaging, differentiation, and following the full design process.

Although we only had 3 months to execute, it was very important to proceed with purpose, true collaboration, transparency and informed decisions. We did this with research, comprehensive planning, insight and input from various company stakeholders, a brand survey and workshop, collaborative sessions, methodical project management and an iterative design process.

Project Schedule
Work Breakdown
Brand Workshop

The Solution

Following a compressed but arduous schedule of brainstorming, messaging docs, mood boards, initial designs, revisions and more revisions, we were able to come up with a new visual identity and high level messaging that matched our growth as a company but didn’t abandon customers to the point that we were no longer recognizable. The first step was defining the brand’s attributes—how we wanted customers/the market to feel when interacting with our brand. The next step was creating the visuals that supported those attributes, as well as gave us a polished, yet flexible brand identity that would support our present state and also be able to grow in the future.

The Result

It all comes together.

The result of our 3-month brand refresh project was an updated logo, new supporting visuals including typography and graphic elements, templates for various print and digital collateral, an update to the website, office branding, as well as new brand guidelines. We announced and launched the new brand to the company with an exciting unveil and new company swag (newly branded t-shirts, notebooks, pens, cookies, etc) to go along with it. We educated the company about the brand’s new meaning, rolled out an implementation plan to update existing and new collateral, and also conducted a few trainings to get team members up to speed. Of course, a brand is a living thing, so it will continue to grow and evolve over time.