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Graphic Design Flashcards

Educational Deck of 78 Flashcards

Services: Copywriting, Design, Layout, Distribution

Graphic Design Flashcards

Educational deck of 78 cards

This beautiful set of illustrated flash cards covers a variety of graphic design terminology including color, typography, page layout, web and print terms, file formats and design principles.  Whether you are a professional, student, aspire to become a designer or just want the personal knowledge, these cards accelerate your graphic design intelligence and aid to better leverage communications with vendors, clients, teachers and colleagues. This essential reference tool can help jumpstart any beginner’s quest to learn industry jargon, definitions, standards, rules and technical terms.


The process from conception to production was a little over a year. Upon coming up with the idea, I started by simply listing as many design vocabulary words as I could into a notebook. I then visualized each word through iterative sketches. When I finally took the idea to the computer, I went through many visual concepts until I landed on one that was both visually appealling and functional for varying word lengths. Finally, after more refinements of copywriting, designing, scaling and editing, the final product was conceived.